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Business Brokerage

You Are the Expert in Your Business.

You know how to buy low, sell high, and grow a successful organization.  People naturally turn to you for advice in your field.


Who do YOU turn to when you are ready to sell your business?

YOU turn to the professionals at Harvest Business Advisors.

We Make Selling Your Business Easy

The team at Harvest Business Advisors are business sales experts.  We have an existing market of qualified buyers, both local and national, who are interesting in buying your business.  We simplify complex details guiding you through the process and getting your business sold rapidly. We have owned, operated and sold substantial businesses ourselves so we understand the process from your perspective.

You Profit From Our Experience

Since 1983 the partners at Harvest Business Advisors have helped over 1000 business owners sell their businesses.   This experience means we know how to negotiate the best deal and avoid the traps and tricks set out for the unwary.  Our business sales professionals include an attorney, MBA, CPA’s, and CVA’s (business valuation experts).


Our ability to provide confidentiality while selling your business protects the goodwill you have built with customers, suppliers, and employees.  We carefully screen all prospects and obtain a binding nondisclosure agreement before revealing your sensitive information.

Knowledgeable Advisers

We provide the advice and documentation to get your deal started and, ultimately, to get it to closing.  Our exclusive Maximum Value  seven step process ensures that your business is properly presented to strategic, corporate, private equity and other buyers.  We then work to obtain multiple offers creating a competitive auction environment.  Our experience really shows when the going gets tough by providing innovative and proven solutions to your transaction’s complex issues.

What is Your Business Worth?

All clients receive a free business valuation based upon our experience and proprietary national and local databases of comparable transactions.  This allows you to determine the highest marketable selling price of your business.  We then use our experience to sell your business in the shortest possible time.

Business Real Estate

If you own the real estate where your business is located we can show you how to package your business and property to increase your total price while improving your security.  Our partners have been involved in real estate development and over $75 million in real estate transactions.

What Does It Cost?

We represent you the seller.  We have several fee structures including Success Fee only options that let you avoid paying up-front fees or retainers.  In all cases the majority of our compensation is in the form of a Success Fee based on the sales price of your business paid when the transaction closes.

How do I Start?

The quickest way is to call 877-838-4966. We will return your call promptly to schedule a no cost, no obligation, confidential consultation.

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