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Succession Transaction Planning

You know you need to plan your succession as carefully as you plan your work. Yet, for many owners it just never seems to happen.

Perhaps this failure to plan is out of a concern about change in general.

Or perhaps it is the fear of alienating important key people, customers, suppliers and the like.

Or perhaps it is the fact that while everyone knows succession planning is important,  it rarely is urgent – until it is too late.

Harvest Business Advisors work with you to eliminate risk and to maximize the value from ownership transition. We regularly work with family businesses and management buy-out groups to create long and short term strategies that keep families and/or teams together and business value growing during ownership transitions. Partnership or operating agreements for large partnerships common in engineering and architectural firms can be particularly cumbersome and complex to create or modify.

We have experience in many lines of construction including general contractors, subcontractors, specialty trades, and suppliers. We also have experts and experience working with engineering firms, medical specialties and providers, and various professional service industries.


Marketability Assessments

Through our involvement in mergers and acquisitions activity, employee and management buyouts, and business valuations we have a practical market tested understanding of how firm value is really created.

Using this knowledge we provide marketability assessments that help you understand how prospective buyers will look at your business.

Using our critical judgment we will tell you your market strengths and weaknesses. More importantly we identify the areas and efforts that will create the most value in your specific situation.

Planning is essential yet implementing the plan is another tactical challenge for most organizations. Harvest Business Advisors will work with you to make sure the plan is implemented and your opportunity and value is created and harvested.

Tremendous value can be lost or gained through succession. Planning and implementation ares the first steps in an action plan that produces in higher values and smooth transitions. With Harvest Business Advisors, it is easier than you think. 


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